Bible Buildings (3)

The building that we will talk about today is the house where Daniel lived. Daniel was a young Jewish man who was taken captive and brought to Babylon.

Babylon was a place where the people did not worship God. But Daniel loved God and continued to follow and obey Him. We do not know anything about Daniel’s house, but we do know that it was a place where Daniel prayed to God.

King Darius made a law that required every person to only pray to him. The punishment for disobeying this law was to be thrown into a lions’ den. Daniel knew about the law, but he did not stop praying to God. Verse 10 of our Bible Reading tells us that Daniel “went to his house to pray…Daniel bowed down on his knees and prayed just as he always had done.” Daniel was thrown into a lions’ den, but God kept him safe.

I hope that you are faithful like Daniel was. Never stop praying to God. He will be with you and protect you.