Bible Cities (10)

Today we will talk about one more Bible city. This city is the most important city of all. This city is called the New Jerusalem.
We talked several days ago about the city of Jerusalem. We learned that it was the most important city in Israel. It was where God’s people worshiped in the temple. The New Jerusalem is where God’s people will worship Him forever.
The New Jerusalem will be a beautiful city — more beautiful than anything we can imagine. But most importantly, it will be a wonderful place because God and Jesus will be there. And all people who love God and obey Him will be there, too.
I am looking forward to living in the New Jerusalem. Verse 4b helps me understand what it will be like there. “There will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain. All the old ways are gone.” Wow — that will be an awesome place to spend eternity.
I want to live in the New Jerusalem. I hope you want to be there, too!