Bible Cities (4)

Our Bible verses today tell us about Solomon building the temple in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the most important city in Israel. And, it was the city where David and Solomon lived.
Verse 38b tells us, “It took seven years to build the temple. The temple was built exactly the way it was planned.” After the temple was finished, many people came to Jerusalem to celebrate Jewish festivals at the temple.
Jerusalem was the center of Jewish activities. God’s people loved to be in Jerusalem and worship at the temple. They loved being with Jewish people from around the world.
In the same way, the church should be the center of our lives. We should be excited about being with other Christians and worshiping together. We should look forward to when we can sing praises to God and share the Lord’s Supper with other Christians.
I hope that God and His church are important in your life. Love and serve Him today.