Bible Cities (5)

Ninevah was a large city. There were “more than 120,000 people in that city that did not know they were doing wrong” (Jonah 4:11b). So God told Jonah to go to Ninevah and tell the people to stop doing bad things.
But Jonah did not want to go to Ninevah. So he ran away. Then bad things happened to him. But finally Jonah obeyed God and went to Ninevah. Jonah preached to the people, and they repented. So God did not punish the people of Ninevah.
Jonah 4:1 says, “Jonah was not happy that God saved the city. Jonah became angry.” Jonah was jealous that God was kind to these people. God explained that He was happy that the people of Ninevah wanted to obey Him.
Sometimes we are upset when a person accepts Jesus as their Savior. Maybe we think that we are better than they are. Or maybe we don’t want them to be part of God’s family. But that is not the right attitude. We should be happy when people want to obey God. Make sure you have the right attitude today.