Bible Cities (7)

Two miles east of Jerusalem was a town called Bethany. Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, lived in Bethany. They loved and followed Jesus. Our Bible Reading today tells us about something very special that happened in Bethany.
Lazarus became very sick. By the time Jesus arrived in Bethany, Lazarus “had already been dead and in the tomb for four days” (verse 17b). Jesus went to the tomb where Lazarus was buried. Jesus told the people to move the stone away from the entrance to the tomb. Then Jesus said (verse 43b), “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus came out of the tomb. He was alive again! Because of this miracle, many people believed in Jesus and started following Him.
I have never seen Jesus raise a person from the dead. But I can still read about His miracles in the Bible. When I read about the wonderful things Jesus did, I know that He is truly God’s Son.
Thank You, God, for Jesus and what He has done for me!