Bible Cities (9)

Later God changed Saul’s name to Paul. Paul traveled and preached about Jesus. Our Bible verses today tell us that Paul and Silas traveled to the city of Philippi. Verse 12 says, “Then we went to Philippi. Philippi is an important city in that part of Macedonia. It is a city for Romans. We stayed in that city for a few days.”
Paul and Silas met a servant girl who had an evil spirit. Paul commanded the evil spirit to leave the girl. The men who owned the girl became upset, and Paul and Silas were put in prison.
While Paul and Silas were in prison, they prayed to God and sang songs. Suddenly an earthquake shook the prison. The jail doors opened, and the prisoners were freed from their chains. Then Paul and Silas helped the jailer learn about Jesus. They baptized the jailer that night.
Paul and Silas were in a bad situation. But they were not depressed and upset. Instead, they prayed and praised God. When you face bad situations, depend on God. He will help you do great things for Him.