Bible Diary

Every day I drive to work along the same route. As I drive, I do not pay much attention to the streets I pass or the names of stores along the way.
Every year I read through the entire Bible. I have finished it 35 times. But sometimes when I am reading familiar verses, it is like I am driving to work. I read the words, but I do not allow God’s Word to speak to me.
So I decided to make a Bible diary. This is not a diary where I write down what happened that day. Instead, it is a diary where I write down what I learned that day from my Bible reading. This forces me to pay attention to what I am reading and to apply it to my life. Every day when I read God’s Word there is a special treasure waiting for me!
Verse 18 of our Bible Reading says, “Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.” I hope that you will read God’s Word every day and learn something new.