Bible Fathers (3)

Our Bible father today is King David. Our Bible Reading tells us that David was old and about to die. So he talked to his son, Solomon. David said to Solomon, “Now, carefully obey all the commands of the Lord your God. Carefully obey all his laws, commands, decisions and agreements” (verse 3a). David continued by telling Solomon to be kind to other people.
David gave Solomon the best advice any parent can give their children. It is important for a parent to teach their children to brush their teeth and get enough sleep. But it is far more important to teach children to love and obey God.
Parents today spend lots of money to make sure that their children receive the best education. There is nothing wrong with a good education. But it is even better to teach your children about obeying and loving God.
Do you have an opportunity to teach children? Be sure to teach them the important lesson that David taught Solomon.