Bible Fruit (2)

Our Bible Reading for today is only one short verse. “Saying the right thing at the right time is like a golden apple in a silver setting.”
What is a golden apple in a silver setting? Another Bible translation says “a golden apple in a silver bowl.” This phrase shows us that the writer of Proverbs is not talking about a real piece of fruit. He is talking about something that is beautiful and very valuable.
The words that we say or the signs that we use are very important. Why? Because our words and signs can encourage or discourage other people.
Sometimes I say something, and then later I think, “I wish I had chosen my words more carefully.” That’s when I pray and ask God to help me be careful when I am talking to other people. We should always want to choose the right words/signs.
Think about the people you will talk with today. Choose the right words and signs. Be sure that your communication pleases God.