Bible Fruit (3)

Our Bible Reading today talks about figs. Figs are not very popular in America today. But there were many of these fruit trees in Israel during Bible times.
King Hezekiah became sick, and he was dying. God’s prophet, Isaiah, told Hezekiah that he would die. Then Hezekiah prayed. He reminded God about all the good things he had done. Then God told Isaiah that He would heal Hezekiah and let him live 15 more years.
Finally, Isaiah told Hezekiah, “Make a mixture of figs and put it on the sore place. So they took the mixture of figs and put it on Hezekiah’s sore place. Then Hezekiah got well” (verse 7b). This shows how people in Israel used figs as medicine as well as something to eat.
These verses also show us that when Hezekiah was in trouble, he prayed to God. That is exactly what we should do when we have problems. Are you facing problems today? Take time to pray and ask God to help you.