Bible Fruit (4)

Today we will talk about grapes.God’s people, the Israelites, were ready to go into a new land. Moses chose twelve men to go into the land and study it.
When the men returned from the new land, they brought back some of the fruit that they saw. Verse 23 of our Bible Reading says, “… the men cut off a branch from a grapevine. The branch had a bunch of grapes on it. They put that branch on a pole. And two men carried it between them.” If two men were needed to carry this bunch of grapes, there must have been many grapes on the branch!
This story is another example of how God provided for His people. He brought them to a new land that was filled with many good things. This is how God took care of the people He loved.
God loves you, too. And, He has good things planned for your life. Think about all the good things God has done for you. Then thank Him for His love and care.