Bible Fruit (5)

Yesterday we read about the good fruit that the twelve men brought back from the new land. However, many of the Israelites did not think that they could go into this new land and possess it. They doubted that God would help them.
So God punished the Israelites for their doubt. God made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years before they could enter the new land. In today’s Bible Reading, the 40 years have passed and the people are almost ready to go into the new land.
In verse 8, Moses mentioned another fruit in the new land — pomegranates. “It is a land with wheat and barley, grape vines, fig trees and pomegranates. It is a land with olive oil and honey.” Moses reminded the people about the wonderful things that God was giving to them.
Moses also told the Israelites, “You must obey the commands of the Lord your God. Follow him and respect him” (verse 6). That is good advice for us, too. Be sure that you are following God by obeying His commands.