Bible Heroes (1)

Today we will start looking at several Bible heroes. These people are our role models. We can read about these people and copy their great faith in God.
Verse 4 tells us about Adam and Eve’s son, Abel. Abel had faith in God, and he offered a better sacrifice to God. We, too, should give our whole life — our time, our talents and our money — as a sacrifice to God.
In verse 5 we learn about Enoch. “…he was a man who truly pleased God…God took Enoch to be with him. This happened to Enoch because he had faith.” We should trust God like Enoch did.
Verse 7 is about Noah. “…Noah had faith and respect for God…Noah became one of those people who are made right with God through faith.” Noah had faith, and he obeyed God. We should obey God and serve Him.
I hope that you will trust God today. Then He can use you to do great things for His kingdom.