Bible Heroes (2)

Today’s Bible verses tell us about another Bible hero — Abraham. Abraham was a man who loved God. Abraham always had faith that God would take care of him.
Verse 8 says, “God called Abraham to travel to another place that God promised to give Abraham. Abraham did not know where that other place was. But Abraham obeyed God and started traveling, because Abraham had faith.”
Later, God promised Abraham and his wife, Sarah, that they would have a son. They waited many years. Finally God blessed them with a son, Isaac. “Abraham trusted God to do the things he promised” (verse 11b).
When Isaac was older, God tested Abraham’s faith. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son. Abraham was ready to obey God, but God stopped him from killing Isaac.
Sometimes God tests our faith, too. We need to be like Abraham and trust God. God will always do what is best for us.