Bible Heroes (4)

Today is our last day to look at Bible heroes from Hebrews, chapter 11.
Through faith, many wonderful things happened: the walls of Jericho fell down, Rahab saved the Israelite spies, Gideon’s small army defeated the Midianites, God saved Daniel from the lions, and the prophets told about Jesus’ coming to earth.
All of these people had faith. And all of them depended on God to help them. These people believed that God was powerful. Even when people treated them badly, they did not give up. “They did this so that they could be raised from death to a better life” (verse 35b).
We should love God and trust Him. But that does not mean we will always have instant answers to our problems. God will do what is best for us and His kingdom.
Think about your faith today. Be like these Bible heroes who trusted God.