Bible Mothers (3)

Our Bible verses tell us about a woman whose husband had died. This woman came to God’s prophet, Elisha. In verse 1b, she told Elisha that her husband “owed money to a man. And now that man is coming to take my two boys and make them his slaves!”
The woman told Elisha that the only thing she had in her house was a jar of olive oil. Elisha told her to borrow lots of bowls from her neighbors. “Then pour the oil into all those bowls. Fill them, and put them in a separate place” (verse 4b). The woman did what Elisha told her to do. She was able to fill all the bowls she had! Then Elisha said (verse 7b), “Go, sell the oil and pay your debt. You and your sons can live on the money that is left.”
This mother did not want her sons to be sold as slaves. She was desperate to find a way to keep her sons. God helped her in an amazing way! Maybe you are facing difficult situations today. Don’t give up. Pray to God and ask Him to help you find answers to your problems.