Bible Mothers (5)

The last mother we will talk about is Eunice. Our Bible Reading is the only time she is mentioned in the Bible.
Paul wrote 2 Timothy to encourage and teach his friend, Timothy. In these verses, Paul talked about Timothy’s faith in God. Paul said in verse 5, “I remember your true faith. That kind of faith first belonged to your grandmother Lois and to your mother Eunice. I know you now have that same faith.”
We do not know much about Eunice. But we do know that she believed in God and taught Timothy about Him. Many people I know learned about God from their parents or grandparents. My parents taught me about God and encouraged me to accept Jesus as my Savior.
Think about people who taught you and encouraged you to become a Christian. Maybe it was your parents or a Sunday School teacher or a friend. Take time to call them or send them an e-mail or letter. Thank them for leading you to Jesus.