Bible Mysteries (10)

The New Testament’s last mystery is in Revelation, chapters 18 and 19. It is the mystery of “The Great Babylon” (Revelation 17:5).
We know Babylon in the Old Testament as a great city that ruled a world empire. God’s people were in slavery there for 70 years. Babylon was finally destroyed, never to be rebuilt again (Isaiah 13:1-22).
In John’s vision in Revelation, he saw another Babylon in the form of a prostitute who would have power over many nations. This Babylon will be against God’s people and cause many to be killed.
Verse 18 of our Bible Reading tells us that this Babylon will be a great city that will have world power. But finally, this city will be destroyed. The people of the earth will be sad when the city is destroyed. But God’s people will be happy.
These verses warn God’s people not to associate with evil people. Follow God and serve only Him!