Bible Mysteries (3)

The Israelite people have always been an important part of God’s plan. God’s Son, Jesus, was born into a Jewish family. One Bible mystery is found in Romans, chapters 9 through 11. This mystery is that God is not finished with Israel. The nation of Israel will still be part of God’s future plans for the world.
Some of the Old Testament prophets understood this mystery many years before Jesus was born on earth. But Paul clearly reveals this truth in his letter to the Christians in Rome. Paul says that most of Israel will not accept Jesus as God’s Son, and many non-Jews will accept Him. But sometime in the future, Israel will turn to Jesus. That is “how all Israel will be saved” (verse 26a).
For a long time, this mystery was hidden. But Paul explained it in these Bible verses. This should encourage us to keep preaching and teaching about Jesus to everyone we meet!