Bible Mysteries (4)

In our Bible Reading today, Paul shows us a mystery about our bodies and what will happen to them after we die. Before Jesus died, was buried and rose again, people did not know what would happen to their bodies when they died. Because of Paul’s words, we can understand more about this mystery.
Our Bible verses tell us that the bodies of Christian people will be raised and changed. When will this happen? “When the last trumpet blows” (verse 52b). Both Christians who are alive and Christians who have died will experience this change.
This change will be a marvelous miracle! Think about all the Christians who have died. Their bodies have become the dust of the earth. But God knows each person, and He will give us a new spiritual body “which never dies” (verse 54b).
I encourage you to read all of 1 Corinthians, chapter 15. Then thank God for this wonderful mystery!