Bible Questions (3)

Our question today is one that God asked Moses. Moses was on a mountain. He saw a burning bush. But that was not an ordinary fire. The fire did not burn up the bush; it just kept burning!

God called to Moses from the bush. God talked about the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt. God told Moses that He wanted him to go to Egypt and lead the Israelites out of slavery. But Moses was afraid, so he made excuses why he couldn’t go to Egypt. He wanted God to send someone else to lead the Israelites. God told Moses that He would be with him and help him.

In Exodus 4:2-3 we read that God asked Moses a question. “But the Lord said to Moses, ‘What is that you have in your hand?’ Moses answered, ‘It is my walking stick.’ Then God said, ‘Throw your walking stick on the ground.’ So Moses threw his walking stick on the ground, and it became a snake. Moses ran from it.” God performed a miracle to show Moses His power. The power was not in Moses or the stick — the power was from God!

God has given every Christian special talents to use in His kingdom. God helped Moses, and He will help you serve Him and tell others about Jesus.