Bible Questions (4)

Psalm 8 is a song written by King David. In this psalm, David is filled with praise for God. In verses 3-4, David asked God four questions. “I look at the heavens you made with your hands. I see the moon and the starts you created. And I wonder, ‘Why are people so important to you? Why do you even think about them? Why do you care so much about humans? Why do you even notice them?’”

I have thought about how David must have felt as he wrote this psalm. David said that God’s name is the most wonderful in all the earth. He also said that God is big and powerful. That makes me feel that I am small and unworthy. But I know that God truly loves me and wants to be involved in my life!

We cannot fully understand God’s love for us. But we do know that He is our Father and He loves us as His children. God loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross. Why? So that our sins can be forgiven and we can live with Him forever.

Take some time to think about God’s love for you today. Think about the blessings He gives you because you are His child!