Bible Study

In Psalm 119, the word “study” is used seven times. So the psalm writer must have thought that studying God’s Word was important. When we understand God’s Word, we can obey it and not sin. Verse 15 says, “I will study your instructions. I will give thought to your way of life.”
Studying the Bible may seem hard to you. Maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you struggle with understanding Bible verses. One idea that may help you is to study the Bible with a Christian friend.
You and a friend can read a Bible passage together and then talk about what you have read. You can ask questions like, “Who wrote these verses?” “To whom were these verses written?” “What is happening in these verses?” “What does God want us to learn from these verses?”
I hope that you study God’s Word every day. Then you can say, “I enjoy your laws. I will not forget your word” (verse 16).