Big Changes*

God called Abram and his family from the land of Haran to go to a new land, Canaan. It was a big change for Abram and his family. I have thought many times about Abram’s wife, Sarai (also called Sarah). She probably had a beautiful home in Haran with many comforts. Then Abram told her God had called him to give up many things and live in a desert place. However, God promised to bless Abram and his family if they obeyed Him.
While Duane and I were ministering to the church in Griswold, Iowa, God called us to begin a ministry to the deaf. I thought about all the changes I would have to make to move to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and begin Deaf Missions. I was afraid for a while and my faith was weak. Then I thought about Sarai. I remembered how God blessed her strong faith. Sarai’s faith led her to follow her husband as he obeyed God.
Now I know it is true. God has certainly blessed me and Deaf Missions. I know He will always be there to help us in the days ahead.