The Big Elm Tree

When I was young, we had a big elm tree in our yard. It was so tall that its branches shaded a large area of our front yard.

Sometimes a man who walked by our house would stop and sit under the elm tree and enjoy the shade. We did not know this man’s name, but my brother and I called him Freddie. Freddie never talked to us. He just rested under the tree and sometimes ate his lunch there.

I liked that elm tree because I could catch locusts that I found on the tree. I would take these locusts to school with me and show my friends. I also remember that this tree was very strong. The branches never broke off when the wind blew.

God is like that elm tree. Just as we enjoyed the shade of the tree, Christians can enjoy God’s blessings. Our Bible Reading tells us some of these blessings — strength, protection, help and answered prayers. We can depend on God to help us and give us strength!