Big or Small?

I have noticed that many people talk about how big and important the sun is. In Genesis 1:16 we learn that “God made the two large lights” — the sun and the moon. The moon may be much smaller than the sun, but God made both the sun and the moon. And they each help to make it possible for us to live on the earth.
This reminds me of our Bible Reading today. Goliath was over nine feet tall (1 Samuel 17:4)! But God helped a young boy named David to kill Goliath. God could have chosen a strong, mighty warrior to go against Goliath. Instead, God chose a shepherd boy who loved and served Him.
God made each of us, and He has given us ways we can serve Him. It does not matter to God if we are tall or short, big or small. We are all important to God, and He can use us in great ways.
Remember that God was with David, and He will be with you today, too. Allow Him to help you do great things for His kingdom!