Birds (3)

One evening I was looking at different channels on my TV. I saw a show about animals who live in cold regions of the world.
One segment showed a baby penguin and its mother. The mother was standing on a pile of snow. It was snowing and the wind was blowing all around the mother penguin. But the baby penguin was sitting on the mother’s feet, tucked away under a flap of skin and feathers. Here the baby was safe and warm.
That mother and baby penguin are a beautiful picture of how God takes care of us. In verses 7 and 8 of our Bible Reading today, David said, “You really have helped me! I am happy that you protected me! My soul clings to you. And you hold my hand.”
Sometimes I face bad things in life like sickness, financial troubles or death. These things are like the snow and wind that surrounded the penguins. But God will protect us, just like the mother penguin protected her baby.
God wants to be close to you and love and protect you. Depend on Him today.