Birth Story (14)

Today we will talk about Jesus, our King. But He was not like an ordinary king. Verse 15b of our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus is “the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.”
Human kings are born in palaces. King Jesus was born in a place where cattle lived. Human kings make mistakes. King Jesus is perfect. Human kings rule over a country. King Jesus rules over the entire universe. Human kings are temporary. King Jesus is forever!
Many people have rejected Jesus as their King. But when Jesus comes again, everyone will worship and honor Him. All of God’s enemies, including the devil, will be defeated because Jesus is “Lord of lords and King of kings. And with him will be his chosen and faithful followers — the people he has called to be his” (Revelation 17:14b).
Jesus is your King. Worship and honor Him in everything you do today. Merry Christmas!