Birth Story (2)

We are talking about Jesus’ birth story. Today we will talk about the birth of a carpenter.
Jesus was born as a baby — just like you and I were born. As a boy, Jesus must have studied and worked with His earthly father, Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter, and he taught Jesus to be a carpenter, too.
After Jesus grew up and began His ministry, some people talked about Him. Our Bible Reading tells us what they said. “‘Isn’t he just the carpenter we know — Mary’s son, the brother of James, Joses, Judas and Simon? And don’t his sisters live here in town?’ So they had a problem accepting him.” These people saw Jesus only as a carpenter. They didn’t see Him as God’s Son.
It was God’s plan for Jesus to face the same challenges and temptations that we face. Jesus did experience those things, but He didn’t sin. Because He lived a perfect life, He was able to become the sacrifice for our sins. Thank God for the birth of a carpenter!