Birth Story (4)

We often read about the shepherds in the Christmas story. After the angel told the shepherds about Jesus’ birth, they visited Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Did you know that when those shepherds visited baby Jesus they were visiting another shepherd?
Jesus said in verse 11 of our Bible Reading for today, “I am the good shepherd, and the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.” Jesus was born to be our Shepherd. He was born to guide us, protect us and care for us while we are here on earth. Jesus was also born to show us the way to heaven. In heaven, Jesus will take care of us forever!
When we become Christians, we can experience the guidance, protection and care of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. If you are not a Christian, ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Follow and obey His commands in the Bible. Welcome Jesus into your life, and He will welcome you into His family.