Birth Story (5)

Let’s continue talking about Jesus’ birth story. On that first Christmas, a teacher was born. Jesus taught many things. He taught about God’s kingdom. He taught about God’s plan of salvation. Jesus taught about being the light of the world. He taught about sharing God’s love.
Throughout His life on earth, Jesus taught people. Jesus was even teaching His disciples when He prepared to eat the Passover meal with them. In verse 18 of our Bible verses, Jesus told His disciples, “Go into the city. Go to a man I know. Tell him that the teacher says, ‘The chosen time is near. I will have the Passover meal with my followers at your house.’”
Jesus taught many people — religious leaders, His disciples and even His own earthly parents. Jesus wants you to teach others, too. The Holy Spirit will teach you and help you teach others about Jesus and His plan of salvation.