Bitter Water

Moses led the Israelites away from the Red Sea. They were happy that God had taken care of them. But soon those same people became angry and started complaining. Why? Because they were thirsty. The Israelites found water, but it was bitter and not good to drink. They thought that God was not taking care of them any more. So the Israelites became angry and complained to God.

Moses prayed and asked God to help them. God showed Moses a large piece of wood and told him to put the wood in the water. Moses obeyed God, and the water became sweet and good to drink.

Then in Exodus 15:26, God gave Moses and the Israelites a command and a promise. “He said to him, ‘I am the Lord your God. If you listen to me and do what I say is right, and if you obey all my commands and laws, then I will not give you any of the sicknesses that I gave the Egyptians. I am the Lord who heals you.’” God wanted the Israelites to continue to obey Him. Then He would take care of them.

We must always obey God, too. We must allow God to help us make decisions. Sometimes life is filled with problems. But if we let God lead us, He will help us and give us His blessings and peace.