Sometimes things go wrong in my life. I can blame my job, my unfaithful friends, the terrible teachers I had in school, my family or the church. But often I need to accept the blame for my problems.
Psalm 80 is about God’s people, the Israelites. God punished them for their unfaithfulness and sin. The writer of this psalm could have blamed other people for the sin of Israel. But instead, he realized that Israel was to blame, and he asked God to forgive them. “He will not leave you again. Let him live, and he will worship your name. Lord God All-Powerful, come back to us. Accept us. Save us” (verses 18-19).
You may face problems today. Some of your problems will probably be caused by other people. But some problems will happen because of bad choices you have made. Accept the blame and ask God to forgive you. Then worship Him and thank Him for His love and forgiveness.