I have a cat and a dog. Both of them like to hide behind our porch furniture. If the cat gets there first, he claims that as his special place and will not let the dog behind the furniture. And if the dog gets there first, he will keep the cat from coming near him.
Sometimes while one of my pets is behind the furniture, I will take the other pet for a walk or give them a special treat. Then the pet who is guarding his territory behind the furniture misses out on my blessings.
We can be like my dog and cat. We can be so focused on our problems in life that we miss the blessings that God is giving us. Verses 1 and 2 of our Bible Reading remind us that we should “live for what is in heaven…Think only about what is up there, not what is here on earth.” When we focus our thoughts on God and His promises, we notice His blessings.
Ask God to help you keep your life centered on Him and the many ways He blesses you.