Blocking Tree (1)

Once I went for a walk. I saw a beautiful spruce tree in a yard. It was a nice-looking tree, and it smelled good, too. But one thing was wrong with the tree. The tree had been planted too close to the sidewalk. As the tree grew up, its lower branches began to cover the sidewalk. The tree blocked my way. I had to walk on the grass to get around the tree.
The devil is like that blocking tree. He makes bad things look pretty and interesting. The devil uses these things to try and block our way in life. Our life can be easy and peaceful. Then the devil surprises us with temptations that we do not expect. We need to always be alert so we can resist the devil and say ?no? to him.
I had to go around the tree that blocked my way. If I had run into the tree, I could have been hurt. In the same way, we need to avoid the temptations that the devil gives us. If we don?t avoid the wrong things, we can be hurt spiritually.
Be ready today to stand strong against the devil.