Many years ago I was the manager of a thrift store. People donated all kinds of items to the store.
One day someone gave a plant to the thrift store. The plant looked like it was sick. I thought about throwing it away. But my mother thought she could save the plant. So my mother planted it in another pot. She gave it plant food and carefully watered it.
Soon the plant started growing new leaves. Several people came into the store and wanted to buy the plant. But I kept the plant in the store window. Later we found out that the plant was a tomato plant. In the middle of winter, tomatoes started to appear! The plant had enough tomatoes to make a salad for the volunteers at my store.
We can look at bad things that happen in our lives and just give up. Or we can be like the tomato plant. We can decide to accept what is happening and grow as a Christian.
You can find everything you need to help you grow in the Bible. Bloom for Jesus today!