The next plague attacked both animals and people. God told Moses and Aaron that there would be a plague of sores or boils. Exodus 9:10 tells us what Moses and Aaron did. “So Moses and Aaron took ashes from the furnace and went and stood before Pharaoh. Moses threw the ashes into the air, and the sores began breaking out on people and animals.”

Sometimes when a plague happened, Pharaoh’s magicians were able to make the same things happen. But the Bible tells us that when this plague happened, the magicians couldn’t stop Moses because they had boils, too!

We may cut our finger, and it becomes infected. It hurts, and we think about the hurt from that cut all day. How would it feel if your body was covered with painful sores? That must have been really terrible! Even the animals that survived the last plague were covered with sores.

The Bible doesn’t tell us that Pharaoh had sores on his body, but he probably did. Maybe he was in a lot of pain. But Pharaoh was still stubborn and refused to pay attention to Moses and Aaron.

Sometimes God allows us to have physical problems so we will realize that we need to depend on Him. Depend on God and His Word today!