Our bones give our bodies strength. Without bones, we would not be able to stand or walk. Our bodies would be shapeless and weak.
God gives each Christian a way to be spiritually strong. Our Bible Reading today tells us about God’s armor. We wear God’s armor so we “can fight against the devil’s evil tricks” (verse 11b). God’s armor changes us and makes us more like Jesus. It gives us strength so we can stand strong against the devil’s attacks.
What is God’s armor? God’s armor is the belt of truth (verse 14), the protection of right living (verse 14), the Good News of peace (verse 15), the shield of faith (verse 16), the helmet of salvation (verse 17), and the sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word (verse 18).
I hope that you are physically strong. But even more, I hope that you are spiritually strong. Wear God’s armor every day, and He will help you stand strong for Him.