Book of Exodus

Moses wrote the book of Exodus. The word “exodus” means going out. Exodus is about God’s people, the Israelites, going out of Egypt.

Earlier this year we studied the book of Genesis. We learned about Adam and Eve, who lived in a beautiful garden. They disobeyed God and were forced to leave the garden. Years later, the earth was filled with sinful people, so God sent a great flood to cover the earth. Only Noah and his family and some animals were saved. Then God called Abraham to move to Canaan. Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Jacob had 12 sons.

One of Jacob’s sons, Joseph, became an important ruler in Egypt. Later, Jacob and his family moved to Egypt. The book of Exodus begins after Jacob’s family had been in Egypt for several hundred years. Exodus 1:6-7 tells us about that. Later, Joseph, his brothers, and all the people of that generation died. But the Israelites had many children, and their number grew until the country of Egypt was filled with them.”

The book of Exodus is very special because it continues the story of God’s love for all people. As we study Exodus, remember that God loves you, His promises always come true and He always wants what is best for you.