Book of History

The book of Acts in the New Testament is a book of history. Sometimes this book is called the “Acts of the Apostles.” The apostles were Jesus’ special helpers. This book tells what happened to these men after Jesus went back to heaven.
Acts is a very important book for Christians to read and study. This book shows us how people became Christians and how the church (group of people who followed Jesus) grew. When we read about these early Christians, we can learn what God wants us to do today.
God had a plan for telling the whole world about Jesus. In our Bible Reading today we read about Jesus telling this plan to His followers. The plan was to first tell the Good News about Jesus to the people in the city of Jerusalem. Then the followers were to teach the people in Judea (the area around Jerusalem), Samaria (the area north of Judea) and the rest of the world. These early Christians knew that if they followed God’s plan, they would be successful.
You can be a successful witness for Jesus, too. Tell someone you meet about God’s great gift of salvation through Jesus.