Books of History

The next twelve books of the Old Testament (Joshua through Esther) are books of history. The book of Joshua begins with the Israelites going into the land God had promised to them. We can read about how the Israelites conquered the new land and settled it. These books also tell us about the judges and kings that ruled God’s people. Later, we learn that the Israelites stopped worshiping God. Then God allowed them to be taken away to foreign countries. As these books end, we read that the Israelites were finally allowed to return to their homes.

But these books give us more than just a history lesson. They teach us an important lesson about life. This lesson is that it is always best to obey God. When the Israelites did not obey God, He allowed bad things to happen to them. But when the Israelites obeyed God, He blessed them in many ways.

In our Bible verses today, Joshua reminded the Israelites to always obey God. I hope you will obey God, too!