In verse 29 of our Bible Reading, John the Baptizer called Jesus the bridegroom. This name for Jesus helps us understand more about His relationship with His people, the church.
In Ephesians 5:27, Paul calls the church a “bride full of glory (beauty).” And Jesus told a story about a marriage in Matthew 25:1-13. In that story, Jesus is the bridegroom. He closes this story (verse 13) by saying, “So always be ready. You don’t know the day or the time when the Son of Man [Jesus] will come.”
It is exciting to know that we are part of Jesus’ bride, the church. We are now waiting for Jesus, the Bridegroom, to come and take us to live with Him forever. Jesus promised He will come someday. But no one knows the exact time when He will come.
Revelation 19:7-16 tells us about the great wedding that will happen in heaven. Jesus, the Bridegroom, and the church will be united forever. That will be a happy time!