Bright Light

Maybe you have seen a picture of lighthouses on the shore of the ocean. Lighthouses need to have very bright lights. These bright lights shine to warn sailors about the rocks near the shore. These lights also lead ships to a safe harbor.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that we should ?live like children who belong to the light? (verse 8b). We can do this by trying to think and act like Jesus did. Verse 9 says, ?Light brings every kind of goodness, right living and truth.?
If we have goodness, right living and truth, we will be bright lights for Jesus. Then we will be like a lighthouse. We will help people find their way to a right relationship with Jesus.
But we need to keep our light shining brightly. We can do that by reading God?s Word every day and by praying. We also need to make sure that our actions are the same as what the Bible teaches.
Make sure that you are shining brightly for Jesus today.