Bright Morning Star

Another name for Jesus is found in Revelation 22:16. This verse says, “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to tell you these things for the churches (groups of believers). I am the descendant from the family of David. I am the bright morning star.” What did Jesus mean when He called himself bright morning star?
We are not sure what Jesus meant, but maybe it was connected to a prophecy from Numbers 24:17a. “I see the Lord coming, but not now. I see him coming, but not soon. A star will come from the family of Jacob. A new ruler will come from the people of Israel.” In this verse, the star is Jesus.
Another idea is that Jesus was talking about a star that shines very brightly every morning just before the sun comes up. This is called the morning star. It shows us that a new day is beginning.
When Jesus came to earth, He showed the beginning of a new hope and salvation for all people. Jesus is truly our bright morning star!