Broken Things

What do we do with something that is broken? Sometimes we may try to fix it. But if we can’t fix it, we throw it away. We do not want things that are broken.
But when some things are broken, good things happen. The soil must be broken before seeds can be planted. Clouds need to be broken so rain can fall to the earth. And grain must be broken so we can have flour to make bread.
People can be broken, too. This happens when a person is humble and knows that he must depend on God. Verse 18 of our Bible Reading tells us, “When some people have troubles they stop being proud. The Lord is close to those humble people. He will save them.”
When we are broken (humble) before God, we realize that we can do nothing without Him. Then God can use us to do great things. Humble yourself before God today. Then let Him use you for His kingdom.