Brussels Sprouts

My daughter, Jean, does not like brussels sprouts. So when she has a lot of problems in her life, she will say, “I feel like God has given me a big dish of brussels sprouts to eat!”
Most of us experience times when everything seems to go wrong — the car breaks down, the kids are sick and taxes are due. When this happens, we may become frustrated with all the problems we have. We want God to only allow good things to happen to us.
The writer of Psalm 86 calls himself a “poor, helpless man” (verse 1). He also says that people are attacking him and trying to kill him (verse 14). This man was had some very bad problems. But in verse 12 he says to God, “I praise you with all my heart.”
Are you facing problems today? Keep on praising God and staying close to Him. He will be “patient, loyal, and full of love” (verse 15b).