Burial Place (3/4/18)

When Sarah was 127 years old, she died. The Bible tells us that Abraham was very sad and he cried for her. Abraham was not living in his homeland. He did not own land where he could bury Sarah.

Genesis 23:3-4 tells us what Abraham did. “Then he left his dead wife and went to talk to the Hittites. He said, ‘I am only a foreigner staying in your country. I have no place to bury my wife. Please give me some land so that I can bury her.’”

The Hittites were very kind to Abraham. They offered to give him a place to bury Sarah. But Abraham refused. He wanted to pay full price to the owner of the land. So Abraham paid for the land and buried Sarah in a cave in a field. This land became Abraham’s property to use as a burial place.

Abraham loved God, and he loved Sarah. God took care of them and blessed them with their son, Isaac. Many years later, through Isaac’s family line, God’s son, Jesus, was born on earth. Abraham and Isaac were part of God’s plan to offer forgiveness and eternal life to every person who loves and obeys Him.