But, God…!

Sometimes we like to make excuses. When I was growing up, my three sisters and I had to do the dishes after supper. We did not like doing this. My younger sister would put off doing the dishes as long as she could. When Mom reminded her to do the dishes, my sister often complained, “But, Mom…!”
In our Bible Reading, Jesus was teaching a large group of people. The people became hungry. Jesus told His disciples to find food for the people to eat. The disciples searched for food and answered Jesus, “But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish” (verse 17b).
Jesus’ disciples saw the large crowd, and they forgot about God’s great power. Jesus blessed that small amount of food, and all the people were fed. All the disciples needed to do was trust Jesus.
Maybe God will give you a job to do today. Don’t make excuses and say, “But, God…!” Trust Him to help you get the job done.