Buy Now…Pay Later

Many people today want to buy things now and pay for them later. They want to enjoy the best things in life — right now! Some people buy what they want with a credit card or on a payment plan. Often these people do not think about the “pay later” part. They want to have things right away, but they do not want to think about the cost.

We are responsible to pay for things that we buy. In the same way, we are responsible to God for everything that we do here on earth. Paul talked about this in 2 Corinthians 5:10. “We must all stand before Christ to be judged. Everyone will get what they should. They will be paid for whatever they did — good and bad — when they lived in this earthly body.”

God wants us to enjoy life, but our goal should be to do things that please Him. We need to follow and obey God’s Word. We may think that it is okay to disobey God now, but we need to remember that we will be judged later.

Examine your life today. Don’t ignore God and His commands. Start right now to live for Him. And look forward to living with Him and praising Him forever.