Cain’s Choice

Genesis tells us about two sons of Adam and Eve. One son was named Abel. He was a shepherd. The other son was named Cain, and he was a farmer. When it was time to bring an offering to God, Abel brought the best sheep from his flock. The Bible says that God was pleased with Abel’s offering.

Cain brought an offering to God, too. His offering was some of the food that he grew. Genesis 4:5 tells us how God felt about Cain’s offering. “But he did not accept Cain and his offering. Cain was sad because of this, and he became angry.” Cain let his anger control him, and later he killed his brother, Abel.

The Bible does not tell us why God did not accept Cain’s offering. But we do know that Cain did not obey God. It seems that God had given Cain and Abel some instructions about offerings, and Cain did not do what God said.

Cain made a choice to disobey God. Every day we have choices to make, too. We can choose to obey God and His Word, or we can choose to be like Cain and disobey God. I hope you will choose to obey God today. If you do, He will be pleased with you!